The Guardian Explores The Ramones Legacy & The Queens Museum Exhibit

he New York borough of Queens is reclaiming the legacy of four native sons of Forest Hills – Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy – with a Ramones exhibition that comes after the 40th anniversary of the band’s self-titled first album. It was a key document in the development of punk as well as an album that neatly bookends the two decades of rock’n’roll that began with Elvis in 1956.

The exhibition, Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk, is a celebration of the band’s minimalist rock’n’roll, lyrical economy and downtown aesthetic.

Artefacts include Johnny’s Mosrite guitar, hand-drawn show flyers, T-shirts, badges and a reel-to-reel demo, complete with typed song titles and lyrics, their erstwhile manager Tommy and original drummer (Tome Erdelyi) sent out to record company A+R men to introduce the band. Part of the covering letter reads:

The Ramones all originate from Forest Hills. The kids there grow up either as musicians, degenerates or dentists. The Ramones are a little of each, their sound not unlike a fast drill on a rear molar.”


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